Known for traditional elegance and world-famous vineyards

As the world’s wine capital, Bordeaux is a fascinating destination for many reasons. As a result of its unparalleled cultural riches and legacy, Bordeaux has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in recognition of its survival through time without loss of splendour. The city sits on the banks of the Garonne in southwest France.

In spite of its nickname of ‘Belle Endormie’ (Sleeping Beauty), Bordeaux has hosted major sporting events such as Rugby World Cup 2007 and UEFA Euro 2016. Rugby World Cup 2023 will be memorable for all the right reasons at the brand-new, ultra-modern Stade de Bordeaux – the largest sports arena in the southwest of France.

Experience Bordeaux

  • Drive a media-assisted cabriolet through the Bordeaux vineyards
  • Take a walking tour of Bordeaux city centre
  • Sail around the bay of Archachon
  • Visit a unique venue for culture and recreation, La Cité du Vin
  • Visit Europe’s largest sand dune – Dune du Pilat


Bordeaux is known for its fish and shellfish, however its most celebrated dish is entrecôte marchand de vin, also known as entrecote a la bordelaise, which is made with Bordeaux wine, butter, shallots, herbs and bone marrow.

Matches in Bordeaux

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